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Welcome to Rescue Fire Company

Rescue Fire Company is always looking for new members. Not only are we in search of anyone interested in becoming a volunteer fire fighter, but we also need volunteers to help with events and managing the organization. Dedicating yourself to the volunteer fire service is no easy task, but the rewards far outweigh the long hours.
Rescue Fire Company has members that have been volunteering for over 50 years and fire fighters from ages 14 to 70. There is no other community service with the same sense of family or comradery as the volunteer fire service. We have two different classes of membership to choose from.

Types of Membership

Emergency Responder

Emergency Responder

These are our members who respond to emergencies as Fire Fighters and Rescue Technicians. We provide all training and pay for any fees neccessary for your certifications. These members also help manage the organization.

Participating Member

Participating Member

A participating member helps with social events and managing the organization. Participating members do not respond to emergencies, but play a critical role in our day to day operations. As a self-sustaining organization we rely on these members to keep our company running.

How do I get Started?

Live-In Program

We offer a live-in program for those interested in 24-hour staffing. We have live-in quarters located at both of our stations. Within a 10 minute drive to HACC, this is perfect for students who want to run calls while attending college or career fire fighters looking to run calls when off the clock. As a Live-In member, you are expected to staff the station when not at school or work; utilizing the facilities as it were your primary residence. Live-Ins are required to assist with upkeep of the station, complete weekly chores, and attend company trainings and events.

Now Accepting Applications!

If you are interested in applying for our Live-In Program, complete the following application. If you are already a member, submit this application to a Trustee. If you are not already a member of the Rescue Fire Company, you may hand in this application with your Membership Application.

Perks of Being a Live-In

Active Response District
Over 600 Calls Per Year
Living Quarters
Semi-Private Bunks, Laundry, Showers
Full Kitchen and Prep Area
Day Room
Spacious with TV, Recliners, and Game Consoles
Full Gym
Suite of Strength Training and Cardio Equipment
Free Utilities
Electric, Water, A/C, WiFi